Sugar Danburite | Extremely Rare OTF Druzy Quartz Covered Danburite Specimen with Iron Inclusions and Chalcopyrite


This specimen is 2″ x .75″ x .5″

Danburites from Mexico have easily been the best in the world ever since the Aurora mine started producing them decades ago. Unmatched by …

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This specimen is 2″ x .75″ x .5″

Danburites from Mexico have easily been the best in the world ever since the Aurora mine started producing them decades ago. Unmatched by any source worldwide, the mine has also produced MORE danburites than anywhere else. However, in 30 years of us sourcing danburites DIRECTLY from miners there in Charcas, we have NEVER seen druzy quartz covered danburites in RED. Strawberry sugar coats only particular faces in what is a unusual but fantastic mineralogical and chemical feature. Some are more peachy, some are more red but they are all impossibly rare. It cannot be said that we will EVER get these again, although we certainly hope to. The druzy quartz cover is already very rare. Out of millions of crystals produced each year, less than a tenth of a tenth of 1 percent have perfect quartz druzes. That makes these just totally unique. Beautiful beyond compare, and sturdy as specimens to boot. A wonderful collector piece for someone who wants to acquire a one off rarity.

Quartz covering danburite but the specimen still retains its danburite, orthorhombic crystal structure. This is the nature of of a “druze”- it doesn’t obscure the underlying crystal features, only enhances by adding incredible sparkle. These will not last.

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Danburite is famous for being one of, if not *the* highest vibrational stone. Working mostly with the crown chakra, danburite channels higher vibrations in a way that it’s owner can receive it. Danburite works with clarity, beauty and love. It vibrates so highly it naturally dissolves dense energies which can manifest as challenges and misunderstandings. Being covered in druzy quartz amplifies and purifies this energy, making it a powerful and mystifying energy to work with. When mixed with iron (giving it that pink/red color) and chalcopyrite (the gold/black crystals) you can expect to add a hint of grounding, security based energy for both emotional and financial situations.

Danburite allows us to download and comprehend information from our higher selves to better navigate our lives. Corresponding to the North Node related to our karmic destiny, Danburite is a tool to help us remove the roadblocks to our personal growth with love and light. Helpful to break belief systems that are no longer serving you by simply vibrating too high for them to be in alignment anymore.

Excellent stone to get a better perspective on the future, personal growth, learning life lessons and pursuing our passions with the confidence that the universe has our back.

Mineral Properties
Crystalline Structure: Orthorhombic
Quality Level: Premium
Locality: Aurora Mine, Charcas, San Luis Potosi, Mexico
Mineral Group: Silicates
Hardness: 7.25

Metaphysical Correspondences:
Pink – Love, Beauty, Compassion
Clear – Purity, Clarity, Freedom
Orthorhombic – Cleansing, Clearing, Letting Go
Crown – Higher Self, Ability to Receive, Bliss
Feminine – Receiving, Creating, Inward Moving
Air – East | Winter | Swords | Mind, Communication, Spirit, Environment
North Node – Karmic Destiny and Soul Challenges
Sagittarius – OPTIMISM – Energetic, Ambitious, Freedom Loving, Seeker of Challenge, Open to New Ideas and Exploration
Ninth House – Travel, Wisdom, Philosophy, Higher Education, Law and Religion, Cross-Cultural Relations, Learning, Ethics

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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in